Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

Effective Hormone Delivery

Why Pellets?

Pellet hormones deliver precise dosing at a constant level for months at a time.

Hormone pellets are the only type of hormone replacement therapy that deliver balanced hormones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for three to six months.

Other delivery methods, i.e., creams pills, patches and injections cannot provide a steady delivery of hormones 24/7. Pellets provide a constant supply of hormone that your body recognizes as its own, which significantly reduces the chance of adverse side effects.

If you are looking for a natural way to regain your youthful vigor and energy, then pellet hormone replacement therapy is for you. Decades of research and hundreds of thousands of patients testify that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy utilizing pellets is the answer!

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets Explained

The Benefits of Pellet Therapy

Optimized hormones significantly reduce the risk of serious health problems, such as:

bioidentical hormone pellet replacement therapy reduces risk of osteoporosis


bioidentical hormone pellet replacement therapy reduces risk of alzheimers

Alzheimer’s Disease

bioidentical hormone pellet replacement therapy reduces risk of heart disease

Heart Disease

bioidentical hormone replacement therapy reduces risk of diabetes


More About Pellets

Hormone pellet therapy is not a new medical treatment. It has a rich history stretching back many years.

Hormone replacement therapy using pellet implants has been used with great success in the U.S., Europe and Australia since 1939. In fact, they were a very popular mode of hormone administration in the U.S. until the 1970’s when many oral and topical commercial products were developed.

Hormone pellets are identical to our own hormones and cannot be patented. Because of this,  they have been ignored by the major pharmaceutical companies in their never-ending pursuit of profits.

Clinical studies during the past decade have proven the superiority of pellet therapy, and the remarkable impact it has on the men and women who use it, without the side effects of synthetic drugs.

Pellet therapy uses bio-identical, all natural estrogen and testosterone, delivered by tiny pellets inserted just under the skin. The pellets are the store house of hormones which the body can access as needed. Pellets deliver a consistent level of hormone and outperforms oral, patch and cream prescriptions with fewer side effects.

“Hormone pellet therapy has become a time tested treatment allowing your physician to individualize your hormone optimization”
Gary Donovitz – Age Healthier Live Happier

Hormone Pellet FAQ’s

Dr. Nancy answers the most frequent questions we get about pellet hormones

For women: usually every 3-4 months. For men: usually every 4-5 months.
They are pure hormone that is not metabolized into byproducts by going through the liver, stomach or skin. This delivery system allows your body to use the right amount of hormone from the pellet as the blood flow surrounding the pellets picks up what is needed.
Because they are pure hormone without fillers or synthetic ingredients, they completely dissolve.
That depends on how much you exercise and work out with weights, as well as your age. Testosterone decreases fat and increases muscle and lean body mass. Testosterone also increases your natural growth hormone and therefore will improve your stamina to work out and increase muscle mass.
Good hormone balance will greatly improve your libido. The addition of testosterone in pellet form will change everything for the better!