Supplementing Health: Magnesium

Function Magnesium is an extremely crucial mineral for our bodies. Magnesium is one of the body’s six essential minerals that the body is primarily composed of. Most magnesium in the body can be found in

Weight a Minute: The Truth Behind Weight Management

Let’s be honest; weight loss is not easy. Many of us try and try again but end up with unsatisfactory results. Here's the skinny on weight management; the real, non-sugarcoated version. Diet Weight loss is attributed

Dr. Nancy’s Journey

My vision of becoming a medical doctor started in my teen years after observing my father suffering from the debilitating effects of Type II diabetes. Two weeks before his doctor appointments, my dad would start

Tips To Balance Hormones

Target the gut using ESP3 Call for an Appointment Today:  330-699-1500 When it comes to health and hormones, the gut can have a much bigger effect than many people realize.  Fixing hormones and gut

ESP3 – 1. Eat

Avoid processed foods, white flours and refined sugars.  These are nutritionally deficient and places more stress on the body. Avoid Soy Soy mimics estrogen.  Too much estrogen causes imbalances. Limit Caffeine Too much caffeine disrupts

ESP3 – 2. Sleep

Sleep Recommendations: Proper Sleep Hygiene: Routine bedtime with nightly ritual Limit screen time 1 hour prior to bed Bed should be used for sleep and sex only Natural Sleep Aides: Melatonin: regulates the circadian rhythm

ESP3 – 3. Supplements

Foundational Five:  These basic five help maintain optimal function in light of a healthy diet and exercise routine. Probiotic: multi-strain , 15 billion units daily Multi-vitamin: Careful for those not requiring iron. Magnesium: dosing varies

ESP3 – 4. Play

Exercise – Find balance in the level of intensity. Working out too much can make things worse as it elevates cortisol.  An imbalance between cortisol and androgens (testosterone and Dhea) places stress on the body

ESP3 – 6. Poop

Proper elimination of daily wastes and “detoxification” using fruits, vegetables, and clean eating.  These help to decrease estrogen dominance. Fiber binds old estrogen, clearing it out of the system. Avoid plastics.  Plastics contain endocrine disrupting

5 Ways To Fight Fatigue With Food

How to get energy that lasts When fatigue sets in, most of us reach for a “pick-me-up” in the form of sugar or caffeine. Both boost energy levels fast, but they lack staying power.  Fortunately,