Target the gut using ESP3

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When it comes to health and hormones, the gut can have a much bigger effect than many people realize.  Fixing hormones and gut function can do a lot to boost health, even if all other factors are not optimal.


Your diet is critical to ensure proper hormone production.

Avoid high Omega -6 Polyunsaturated Fats.

Don’t eat fats like Vegetable oil, peanut oil, canola oil, soybean oil, margarine, shortening, or other chemically altered fats. Choose fats like coconut oil, real butter, olive oil (don’t heat!) and animal fats (tallow, lard) from healthy sources instead and eat lots of high Omega-3 fish.

Avoid processed foods, white flours and refined sugars.  These are nutritionally deficient and places more stress on the body.

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Sleep is vitally important for hormone balance.  It assists in maintaining a proper weight and blood sugar regulation.

Cortisol, hormonal deficiencies, and sleep apnea are the main disruptors of adequate sleep latency and depth of sleep.

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Vitamins and supplements play an important role in maintaining health.  Our food sources have changed drastically over the last 50

years with the increased use of processed foods, nutrient-depleted soil and a variety of pesticides.

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Exercise – Find balance in the level of intensity.

Working out too much can make things worse as it elevates cortisol.  An imbalance between cortisol and androgens (testosterone and Dhea) places stress on the body and leads to more fatigue.

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A daily meditation, or prayer, helps to focus goals and calm inner tension.

Yoga combines the exercise with the meditative form.

All the above help to decrease cortisol levels.

If you have any digestive symptoms requiring OTC meds, or constipation and/or diarrhea; it is a good indication that there is imbalance of the body and therefore, hormonal imbalances to follow.

Proper elimination of daily wastes and “detoxification” using fruits, vegetables, and clean eating.  These help to decrease estrogen dominance. Fiber binds old estrogen, clearing it out of the system.

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If you are still suffering with symptoms of fatigue, skin issues, weight gain, weight around the middle, trouble sleeping, always sleeping, PMS, low libido, endometriosis, infertility, PCOS despite the ESP-3 Target the Gut balance tips, it is time to call Dr. Nancy at Optimal Health Institute of Ohio:  330-699-1500.

I can help you with your specific hormone (thyroid, adrenal, sex hormone) imbalances while achieving balance the ESP3 way!