My vision of becoming a medical doctor started in my teen years after observing my father suffering from the debilitating effects of Type II diabetes.

Two weeks before his doctor appointments, my dad would start following “doctor’s orders” to exercise and eat right but soon after the appointments, he’d return to the lifestyle that was ravaging his body.

I was curious about this dynamic. I noticed that my dad not only didn’t respect his body, he didn’t respect the doctor. I wanted to change that and bring a new mindset to healing.

My deepest wish was an empowered patient who could create optimal health and maintain it EASILY… since so many people give up.

I followed my vision and became a conventionally trained MD. I attended the best schools and residencies. I thought I could heal and save everyone. But I, too, like my patients, succumbed to the ravages of stress and burnout.

After five moves in 10 years, four children and a marriage to an orthopedic surgeon, I “hit the wall.” My symptoms included insomnia, depression, weight gain, fatigue, and hormonal imbalances. I also discovered I was pre-diabetic.

It took several personal and medical struggles to make me realize conventional medicine is content treating the symptoms of illness with medication rather than focusing on the cause of the disease. I also realized stress was the promoter of dysfunction in over 80% of the patients I was seeing – including myself!

After research, testing and a divorce, I realized self-care is number one! I stopped giving away my power to my patients and my family and got more support for every area of my life.

Number two, I implemented my ESP3™ program on myself: “eat, sleep, play, pray and poop!” I now share this transformational program with my patients who typically experience improved vitality and optimal health!

Underlying my own transformation was the realization that I had a choice and so do you.

We all have choices. What will you choose?

I am now using my medical training and experience to offer a continuum for health. I am dedicated to helping you empower yourself with choices for symptom management which include proper nutrition, sleep, hormone balancing and mental clarity. We promote optimal health, not disease management.

Through extensive training utilizing the functional approach to symptoms, as well as mind/body/spirit techniques, a system of balance is created – which then promotes wellness. Nothing is more rewarding than helping you travel the continuum to your optimal health!